A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Discard old builds in Jenkins

How to remove old builds as scripted pipeline in a Jenkinsfile? Not only I fail to see the sexiness in this new approach, but also I dislike the groovy syntax. In the end add I came up with several solutions to accomplish my goal: Keep only the last 10 builds. There are several ways and solutions. It was a huge try and error approach.

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Elasticsearch Date Processor Pipeline

I write some configuration documents with the Elasticsearch low level Java Rest Client. The documents are missing a timestamp, therefore I define a simple pipeline, which adds the @timestamp field to my documents.

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Remove multiple RPMs

A small recipe how to remove multiple applications with yum.

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Curate your music collection with eyeD3

eyeD3 is a Python module and program for processing ID3 tags. Information about mp3 files (i.e bit rate, sample frequency, play time, etc.) is also provided. The formats supported are ID3 v1.0/v1.1 and v2.3/v2.4. This is a collection of examples how to organise your digital music collection with eyeD3.

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Import Currency codes into Elasticsearch

Working in the financial business requires to have the currency code master-data accessible for various reasons. The ISO 4217 currency codes can be obtained from the ISO Organization website. This post uses Logstash and the csv plugin to process the data and import it into Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch itself provides the REST interface, so every micro-service or web service can access the desired data.

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Reindex Watcher Indices with Curator

Elasticsearch Alerting with X-Pack (formerly known as Watcher), writes it watch executions in a daily indices. If you don’t keep an eye on that, you use a lot of shards on small indices. Curator offers the capability of the reindex action, i.e. write data from a daily index into a month or year index. This post contains an example for Elasticsearch v5.4.3 and Elasticsearch Curator v5.1.1.

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Service Dependencies in Monit

Monit allows start, stop and restart program instructions in process checks. If you restart with monit, no alarm or warning is triggered then. For instance you need to restart an application like logstash for configuration changes.

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Evaluating Elasticsearch Watcher Cron Expression

Working with Elasticsearch Watcher enables you to put a cron schedule into the trigger. This is no ordinary linux cron expression. It looks like Quartz. If you want to test the correctness of the cron, you use the shipped utility croneval in the installed X-Pack directory.

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The Base64 tool for Linux

HTTP basic authentication does base64 encoding. base64 exists on nearly every Linux distribution.

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