A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Pretty print duration

Performing a reindex job in Elasticsearch gives you the time the job took.

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Delete all messages of a chat room

Find ObjectId of the chat room

> db.rooms.find({slug:"elk"}).pretty()
        "_id" : ObjectId("59a666cfa9886c002c30b404"),
        "owner" : ObjectId("59a547c2aed276003facf84f"),
        "name" : "Elasticschrott",
        "slug" : "elk",
        "description" : "Everything about the Elasticsearch Universe, including Logstash, Beats",
        "private" : false,
        "lastActive" : ISODate("2017-08-31T08:46:33.690Z"),
        "created" : ISODate("2017-08-30T07:18:39.885Z"),
        "messages" : [ ],
        "participants" : [ ],
        "archived" : true,
        "__v" : 0

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Unarchive letschat chat room

A chat room in letschat was archived. To revive it we can alter the document in the MongoDB instance.

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Search and Replace with VIM

I got this situation in a log file, where the JSON information is after the grep output of the file name.

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Setup AWS Elasticsearch Service

Running Elasticsearch Service on AWS (Amazon Web Services)

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Timestamps in Painless

In short: Converting a UTC timestamp to a local timestamp (in Switzerland).

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Aggregate data in Elastisearch

Elasticsearch with its Query DSL allows powerful aggregations in order to save documents and disk space. After a certain period of time a certain level of detail is not needed anymore. For instance, I collect on a daily basis statistical data about fraud prevention services.

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Analyze Cluster Reroute

My test cluster health was yellow. The X-Pack Monitoring pointed to some indices, which were yellow.

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Reset Persistent Elasticsearch Cluster Setting

If you setup Elasticsearch to report to a dedicated monitoring cluster

PUT _cluster/settings
  "persistent": {
    "xpack.monitoring.exporters.cloud_monitoring.type": "http",
    "xpack.monitoring.exporters.cloud_monitoring.host": "MONITORING_ELASTICSEARCH_URL",
    "xpack.monitoring.exporters.cloud_monitoring.auth.username": "cloud_monitoring_agent",
    "xpack.monitoring.exporters.cloud_monitoring.auth.password": "MONITORING_AGENT_PASSWORD"

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