A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Check your Raspberry Pi model

If you have a Raspberry Pi cluster and a bunch of them, you may have to add or replace some of them. But there is an easy way to check with the shell which model you have. If you query the CPU information you will receive currently 4 CPUs and at the bottom the hardware and revision number.

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Update the firmware of your Raspberry Pi

If you want to update the firmware of your Raspberry Pi, these steps might interest you. This post uses Raspbian as OS. Have a look at Updating and Upgrading Raspbian first.

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Download maven dependency without a pom.xml

Apache Maven relies on dependencies declared in the pom.xml. You could also just use the dependency:get goal to download the artifact.

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The all meta field in Elasticsearch

Are you wondering yourself how Elasticsearch finds the text, that you are searching for? Learn more about the _all meta field.

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Backup your Elasticsearch data with Amazon S3

As I mentioned before, how easy it is to backup your Elasticsearch data with the snapshot and restore API, today’s post demonstrates how to backup the data to Amazon S3 file storage.

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Provide health check port for Kibana

The new Kibana 5.1.2 x-pack monitoring plugin is a job well done! With the major version, you can also monitor your Kibana instances - yes Kibana can be run clustered :sunglasses:. Having Kibana running in Docker, it allows you deploy it even faster. Back to the monitoring part. It was a real lifesaver and gave me some insights on the Kibana application life-cycle.

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