A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Reindex Data with Pipeline in Elasticsearch

Data is not always clean. Depending on how it is produced a number might be rendered in the JSON body as a true JSON number, e.g. 10, but it might also be rendered as a string, e.g. “10”. Some developers use MDC to pass meta data into Elasticsearch. If you have data as String and want to use Kibana for visualisations you need a fix. The only way to fix that is to reindex the data. Using the Reindex API with usage of pipelines ensures that the data have the correct data type.

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Shard Allocation Filtering

If you run Elasticsearch and use Kibana for various reasons, you better ensure to perform automatic backups. The time spend in searches, visualizations and dashboard should be worth that. If an Elasticsearch upgrade goes south, you are happy to have a backup. The main advantages of an Elasticsearch cluster, that you can join and remove additional nodes, which may differ in their resources and capacity. That’s the situation I constantly deal at work. Shard Allocation Filtering helps to setup smart rules for example hot warm architecture.

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Find and Replace in Path with IntelliJ

Since I have a bunch of generated html filed from my WordPress migration to Jekyll, I needed to replace some values in all generated files. IntelliJ has powerful search and replace capabilities.

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Rename multiple files

My current migration from WordPress to Jekyll took me the WordPress exporter of Jekyll. It generated html files. I want to migrate them to markdown, therefore I needed a quick solution to rename all html files into files with markdown file extensions.

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Create file templates for Jekyll posts

Writing Jekyll posts always require a YAML front matter block content. To speed up the task you may create a file template for IntelliJ or Webstorm, depending which IDE from Jetbrains you are using. The procedure is equal.

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Check Port on Windows with portquery

Portqry.exe is a command-line utility that you can use to help troubleshoot TCP/IP connectivity issues. Portq

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Skeuomorphic Credit Card Input Validation

Skeuocard progressively enhances credit card inputs to provide a skeuomorphic interface.

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Use usermod and groupmod in Alpine Linux Docker Images

Elastic uses Alpine Linux as base image for their Elasticsearch docker images. Since v5.3.1 there will be no more supported docker images on dockerhub with Debian, it made it necessary to rewrite my docker files for my company. One obstacle is to assign the elasticsearch user to a specific uid and gid on the docker host system.

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Use ruby bundler behind a proxy

How to install the ruby bundler behind a proxy with sudo.

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