A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Parallel steps with Jenkinsfile

Pipeline offers a straight-forward syntax for branching your pipeline into parallel steps. Following example demonstrate how to use the parallel steps with Jenkins. The example is based on my use case, Jenkins generates a rpm artifact with custom software. That software is deployed on multiple servers (aws data centers).

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Disable apt auto update and upgrade

Running Ubuntu Server LTS in a virtual machine, is helpful to test out software installations. Therefore is helpful that apt maintains the update and upgrade periodically. On the other hand if you don’t want that behavior, this post demonstrates how to disable it.

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Resolve ssh host key violations

Having multiple virtual machines for testing and POC (proof of concepts) you install for the “remote” access an OpenSSH server. Everytime you log in into a new machine, you might run into this legit warning:

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Set disc number in id3v2 tag

The TPOS text frame contains the information if the track belongs to a multi set of music cds. Check http://id3.org/id3v2.3.0. The ‘Part of a set’ frame is a numeric string that describes which part of a set the audio came from. The value may be extended with a “/” character and a numeric string containing the total number of parts in the set e.g. “1/2”.

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Parse user agent strings into structured data based on BrowserScope data with logstash

The Apache HTTP Server logs user agent strings. The user agent string contains information like family, operating system, version, and device. Logstash offers a filter plugin to parse this information.

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Logrotate Java Application Logs

Running a professional Java EE application with JBoss EAP/Wildfly or any other application server involves a good housekeeping strategy for log files. Pay attention that most developers make the mistake to log information twice, hence in most scenarios the default texturation is kept. So the log information will be written into the console.log and server.log. Furthermore if you don’t use a files size rotator, the server.log will be rotated daily. The potential threat is, if you write the logs to separate SAN partition with limited disk space, you might crash the application, if he has no disk space left. To prevent this, one possibility is to use logrotate on Linux for the job.

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Delete zero byte files

If you the situation, that a lot of zero byte files exists in your current directory a simple find command, helps you to get rid of it.

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Disable auto formatting in vim

vim has the behaviour, if you paste a beginning line with comment, the following lines get also commented and indented. To disable this behaviour switch to the paste mode.

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Change client session language in sqlplus

If you are working with Oracle you may experience unexpected behaviors considering your Oracle’s National Language Support (NLS). Some SQL statements to setup properly for your working session.

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