A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Remove docker containers from a dedicated image

Show all containers

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Debug Active Directory security within Elasticsearch Shield

Shield offers the capability to allow authentication with LDAP or the Windows Active Directory. This post explains a simple method to analyze the authentication process.

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Remove password from private ssl key

In the kibana.yml configuration, I setup the mandatory configuration for SSL.

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Convert private SSL key from JKS to PEM format

I faced the situation, that I have to create a CSR.

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Key Authentication with sftp for FileZilla

FileZilla is capable of using ssh keys for using sftp. Sadly there is no native support and you need to convert the private key to PuTTY’s PPK format. Although FileZilla can do that for you. Go to Edit → Preferences and in section SFTP add the private key file. FileZilla will convert that into the PPK format and your are ready to use sftp.

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Check active hosts within ip range

I forgot the IP address of my Raspberry Pi, so I had to check which one is currently assigned to my Pi. nmap comes for that in handy.

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