A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Copy contents of Java Keystore to another Keystore

Copy all certificates from one keystore to the keystore of the current Java installation. You can use the keytool and srckeystore (source keystore) and destkeystore (destination keystore).

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Reduce boilerplate code with Lombok

On the Javaland Conference 2016 I visited an interesting presentation about RESTful Hypermedia APIs by Kai Tödter. A really refreshing and pragmatic view how to benefit from Hypermedia. An additional insight was the Project Lombok.

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Using proxy within Java for HTTP or HTTPS connection

This post list all essential property names for using HTTP or HTTPS connections in Java.

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Change System Properties for SSL Handling in JBoss EAP at runtime

Working with SSL you can pass all settings as arguments, or do it in the standalone.xml/domain.xml as System Properties. The advantage is you can alter them any time instead passing them as arguments. This post demonstrates how to deal with the essential SSL properties within JBoss by using the CLI.

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Das Partition Feature der Oracle DB

Folgender Beitrag ist eine Erläuterung von Christian Gohmann: Das Partitioning Feature ist eine kostenpflichtige Zusatzoption für die Enterprise Edition. Um das Feature überhaupt nutzen zu können, muss dies aktiviert werden – entweder direkt bei der Installation der Oracle Software oder später durch den chopt Befehl.

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Debug Environment Variables and System Properties in Java

Having problems it comes to debugging of the environment variables and system properties. This snippet prints all known environment variables and system properties in alphabetical order. Makes it easier to compare :wink:.

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Use Dropwizard Metrics with CDI in Java EE

Java EE provides with CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) a powerful way to write loose coupled code. Dropwizard Metrics is a wonderful library to collect metrics about your application. This post shows how to integrate Dropwizard Metrics with CDI into an Java EE application.

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Bind JBoss EAP to subnet

Having multiple Network Interfaces (NICs) is especially at enterprise level servers very common. Having four network interfaces (bond0,..,bond0-2) the JBoss instance could bind to any interface. JBoss can be configured to bind to the subnet mask.

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Analyse network traffic capture with Wireshark

Wireshark is an open source network protocol analyzer. Captures from networking traffic with Wireshark or tcpdump can easily be analyzed in the GUI. This post show how to decode TCP as SSL protocol during the SSL/TLS handshake.

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