A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Debug filebeat

Starting with filebeat can be troublesome, if a misconfiguration exists or he is not sending the logs to logstash or elasticsearch. To analyze that start filebeat in debug mode filebeat -e -v -d '*'.

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Retrieve process id from ps

Example process without the grep command

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Show process tree of a dedicated process

I always wonder if I could display the a certain process with pstree and not the whole process tree itself. It is possible. See below the results after reading the man page and trying out the options.

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Admonitions in Asciidoctor

Admonitions in Asciidoctor are primarily related to docbook. Following admonitions are built in.

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Purge old packages from Linux

For deb based distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, it is advisable to purge old packages (have status rc, r=removed, c=config).

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Backup Kibana

Kibana is the visual web interface for elasticsearch. You can create searches, visualizations and dashboards. Sometimes you spend a lot of valuable work into them. Therefore is essential to have some kind of backup for Kibana. The Kibana data itself, is stored in Elasticsearch in the .kibana index. One way is to use the snapshot and restore capability of Elasticsearch.

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