A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Delete multiple documents from an Elasticsearch Index

This post demonstrates how to delete documents from an Index in Elasticsearch, that meet you search criteria of a query. You may have situations, that you are reporting to a wrong index. Therefore this post gives you an solution how you can clean up your index.

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Installing Elasticsearch Plugins behind a proxy or offline

This post demonstrates how to install elasticsearch or kibana plugins behind a proxy. There are several possibilities to achieve an online or offline installation. Following example installs the delete-by-query plugin for elasticsearch v 2.2. It is a great improvement to the previous buggy and non performant implementation. elastic has remove it from the elasticsearch core.

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Remove console handler from root logger in JBoss/Wildfly

This post demonstrates how to remove log handlers at runtime in JBoss EAP 6.4.4 or Wildfly.

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Use ssh-keys for authentication with MobaXterm

MobaXterm is also a more convenient ssh client like putty. Session management in the professional version is very handy. Since MobaXterm comes with cygwin, ssh is also available in the local terminal. To eliminate the hassle for entering the password (especially if security compliance requires you to change the password every month), ssh keys are a more secure and convenient method for authentication on servers. This post illustrates how you do it with MobaXterm.

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Apache Tomcat Versions

If you deal with Apache Tomcat and legacy applications, you might need to know which current version matches which JSP or Servlet specification.

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Build a function for RPM cleanup

Sometimes the rpmdb checksum is invalid. To fix that I have created a simple function in bash script that reads the input from stdin. If yes in any kind or y ignore case is entered, the rpmdb will be rebuild and we clean the local yum cache.

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Use netstat to check used ports of a process

This blog post demonstrates a small example how helpful netstat can be. netstat is capable to display all used ports of the user processes.

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Change log level at runtime in JBoss EAP/Wildfly with CLI

This post demonstrates you how you can set the defined log levels of log categories (e.g. classname) and of the root logger in the standalone.xml. Same applies to the domain mode. Just add the profile name before the cli command. It was very useful, to correct the verbose output of a running application in production.

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Speed up my Linux Book

As a special daily deal I bought the Kingston SSDNow V300 240 GB for my linux notebook, Lenovo Thinkpad Edge S430. This post is going to illustrate the differences and performance gain due to the upgrade.

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