A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Delete all tables for Oracle DB

To purge all data from a user schema, I simply generate a drop table statement for each user table.

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ORA-01830 - National Language Support between Germany and Switzerland

I have to deal with a German software vendor, which gives us some SQLs scripts for Oracle DB. Between Germany and Switzerland, there are minor differences, which led to error ORA-01830. The script contained some insert statements with timestamps.

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Log output of a specific Class to a specific Appender with log4j

An Java application uses log4j. Since I use logback all the time, it was quite a challenge to look up the docs for log4j 1.2.17. This application also writes statistical logs. To separate the statistic, we can use a different appender in log4j. The crucial point is to set the additivity to false, so the log won’t be logged twice in the root logger.

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I needed to backup my data, rsync is the right tool for that. But since it has so many options, I look out for a graphical user interface, that could set up my settings. I found it at grsync.

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My new Micro Barebone Intel NUC 6I5SYH

I am more than satisfied with my Macbook Pro, but I am still quite fond of working with Linux. I saw a cheap opportunity, and assembled a nice micro barebone. Runs perfectly. The Intel NUC need only RAM and disk storage. I chose the NUC6I5SYH, thus it offers me to use a fast NAND storage for the OS (M.2 22x80) and a 1 TB Fusion drive for storage.

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Configure cntlm as git proxy

Every three months, security compliance requires to change the password. This also applies for the proxy authentication. If you have a bunch of tools, like Eclipse, IntelliJ or any other applications that needs proxy auth for updates and access, it can be a hassle to change the settings in all applications. For Windows, cntlm is a relief. It stands between your applications and the corporate proxy, adding NTLM authentication on-the-fly. So basically you change the auth data only for cntlm, and all other applications using it to bypass the proxy.

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