A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

I Am Your Father - Parent-Child Modeling in Elasticsearch

«No! That’s not true! That’s impossible!»

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Persistent Storage with Red Hat OpenShift on VMware

This article is a technical summary with my experience of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP). Starting with this article, I publish some stats, thoughts about the creative writing process. I got involved in a sophisticated storage problem with OpenShift. Under the hood, it is Kubernetes trying to allocate persistent storage from the VMware infrastructure. Understanding and troubleshooting the problems was a challenge. :scream:

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You Complete Me - Custom Region Maps for Kibana

In my past Crime Mapping article, I introduced Coordinate Maps in Kibana. In this article, I continue with Regions Maps in Kibana and how to extend Kibana with custom Region Maps. We are looking into several possibilities for hosting custom region maps.

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Complicated world: Ansible, OpenShift, Python and Kubernetes

I was trying to run an Ansible playbook for an OpenShift deployment on my MacBook Pro. The Ansible run crashed, and the fatal error message was:

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Minishift on MacOS

This article is about how to run minishift on MacOS. You can run your experiments locally on minishift, before going to the OpenShift production. You will need homebrew for the installation on your Mac.

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Happy New Lunar Year 2019

This blog post is a little treat for all geeks. In short, we will introduce logstash to ingest data into Elasticsearch. The occasion is to celebrate today the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year. 2019 is the Year of the Pig. In Chinese culture, pigs are the symbol of wealth. Their round faces and big ears are signs of fortune as well. The common belief is that pigs are blessed with luck and have a beautiful personality. See below the fortune output for the year of the pig.

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Working with Arrays in Linux Shell

One necessity is dealing with Arrays as a data structure in any language or interpreter. The Linux Documentation Project has lots of documentation but lacks IMHO concise and straightforward examples. I created this example, as recently I have struggled myself how to operate on arrays. I spice it up with some ASCII art from asky.io (♥_♥).

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Manage multi-container setups with Docker Compose

Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications. With Compose, you define the services that need to run in a YAML file. Then bring up the services by using the docker-compose command.

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Use Kibana heat maps for Crime Mapping

In my last articles, I have introduced the foundations for storing geospatial information in Elasticsearch. For various use cases, Kibana and the Elasticsearch Query DSL offer powerful features to solve specific problems.

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