A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Import pem certificate into Java KeyStore (jks)

To achieve that we convert the certificate into a binary cert that can be imported by the Java keytool.

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Create alias for indices in Elasticsearch

If you have multiple indices and build your visualizations and dashboard in Kibana, you might consider using an alias. The advantage is that the physical index name can always be removed, renamed, reindex. The alias gives you the flexibility that your Kibana objects remain consistent, but in the background you have to freedom to reorganize. This post illustrates two examples.

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Getting started with JBoss EAP Quickstarts

This post demonstrates how to setup the quickstart examples for the stable release JBoss EAP 6.4. The quickstart projects offer a variety of examples for the usage of Java EE 6 with JBoss.

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Export SSL/TLS certificates with openssl

openssl has a handy way to extract and save certificates for further usage. Comes in handy, if you have to setup e.g. key-stores in Java. This post demonstrates how to export binary and ASCII encoded certificates.

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Connecting to SSL Services with openssl

Currently I have to deal a lot with SSL/TLS. openssl comes in handy to test connections. Also if you have setup 2-way SSL or mutual authentication, it is a good test for the SSL handshake.

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Change key-server URL on GnuPG smartcard

I just setup my new Linux development environment. Try to import my GnuPG keys, and failed due the keyserver didn’t exist anymore. This post demonstrates how to change the keyserver and fetch your public key from it.

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