A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Test depths within Java EE

TDD and BDD is a crucial discipline to write good and robust applications. Testing within the Java EE may cover several test depths. This post is only a short overview of possible involved products.

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Counter-Strings: Self-Describing Test Data

One of the methods from Rapid Software Testing with James Bach, is to use self describing test data like counter strings. The string for the count 10 will give you exactly the character position. This is useful for boundary testing and and testing large input strings. Counter strings are helpful testing sizes of UI text and database fields.

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Parameterised Tests with JUnit

JUnit 4 has introduced a new feature: Parameterized tests. Parameterized tests allow developer to run the same test over and over again using different values. There are five steps, to create parameterized tests.

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Redundant conditional expression with the ternary operator

This operator (?) is also known as the ternary operator because it uses three operands. Instead of an if-then-else statement this operator can make your code more readable, when something is so simple you don’t want to waste many lines for.

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Oracle DB Datatype for boolean - which to choose for Java Persistence?

If you have to deal with the Oracle DB (11g), Boolean values have no specific datatype yet. Some uses number - a SMALLINT, some uses a character - VARCHAR(1). Number or Character - which to choose? This post illustrates both approaches for the Oracle DB for Java with the major Persistence APIs JDBC and JPA.

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Processes within HP NonStop

This post explains the basic concept about a process on the Tandem. It also contains a (told) custom process presentation (Aiellogram) by Dennis Aiello, a tech trainer for Tandem computers from my training on the HP premises. The main conceptional focus is how to keep a process fault tolerant.

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Multiple configuration files for logstash

Structure of a config file: A Logstash config file has a separate section for each type of plugin you want to add to the event processing pipeline.

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List and check alias in elasticsearch

This post gives an example how to check an alias or aliases in elasticsearch with the REST-API.

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List all used IP addresses in a network

nmap - Network exploration tool and security / port scanner - allows to scan an entire network and list all used or assigned IP addresses in a private network. This post shows a little example.

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