A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

List installed JDBC drivers in JBoss

This post demonstrates how to query at runtime, which JDBC drivers are available in JBoss EAP via the CLI.

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Change default log format of JBoss via CLI

This blog post demonstrates how to change the default log format of JBoss periodic file handler FILE. In the original state, it doesn’t log the date of the log entry. Using logstash with datetime matching, requires a date :-).

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Use dirname and basename for dealing with paths

Dealing with paths or pathnames is a common Bash Shell scripting task. dirname and basename are unix programs that are very handy for dealing with pathnames.

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Remove installed rpm forcefully

If you create your own rpm, you may make mistakes in the scrips of pre and post installation and removal. Especially removing an rpm with a wrong pre-uninstall script is not possible, e.g removing a folder that doesn’t exists. For that case you can erase the rpm with the --noscripts option.

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Use whiptail in interactive shell scripts

Whiptail is a program that allows shell scripts to display dialog boxes to the user for informational purposes, or to get input from the user in a friendly way. It is included in several linux distributions like Debian or rhel.

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Create help output with echo in shell scripts

Writing bash (shell) scripts is sometimes necessary to automate little task and ease the maintenance. Providing a good help is also must, for the others admins, that have to use it. This post illustrates a small example.

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Restricting the bean types of a bean in CDI

The bean types of a bean may be restricted by annotating the bean class or producer method or field with the annotation @javax.enterprise.inject.Typed.

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Create logging profiles for Java EE applications on JBoss EAP

The reasons to use logging profiles: The use of logging profiles allows administrators to create logging configuration that are specific to one or more applications without affecting any other logging configuration. Because each profile is defined in the server configuration, the logging configuration can be changed without requiring that the affected applications be redeployed.

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Testing tns connections

This post demonstrates how to test tns connections for the Oracle DB. First of all, what is TNS? Transparent Network Substrate (TNS) is a proprietary Oracle computer networking technology that supports homogeneous peer-to-peer connectivity on top of other networking technologies such as TCP/IP, SDP and named pipes.

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