A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Using date in the shell

A small example how to use the date function in the linux shell. For ISO-Format yyyy-MM-dd%Y-%m-%d

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Using a pidfile for control flow

I had to write recently some shell scripts that may be used for LSB like init.d services. It was a quite good experience and fresh up of my bash scripting skills.

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$var or ${var}?

I got some bash scripts handed out and saw that some variables are referenced like that

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Clear screen

Working under terminals or cli interfaces can be a messy thing. From time to time it is nice to have a clear screen. This little post shows how to do that.

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Using the CLI in JBoss

This post describes the basic concepts of the JBoss command line interface. It may enhance the work with the CLI.

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Enable remote access for JBoss Web

This post demonstrates how to enable the remote access for JBoss in standalone mode. It includes several CLI commands to check the status at runtime. To apply the changes a restart is needed.

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