A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

List all used IP addresses in a network

nmap - Network exploration tool and security / port scanner - allows to scan an entire network and list all used or assigned IP addresses in a private network. This post shows a little example.

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Convert from CSV to JSON with logstash

logstash allows with various plugins a quick solution, to convert CSV input to JSON output.

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Check optional scripts in rpm file

RPM allows optional scripts to be executed within the install and remove operation.

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Correct Rpmdb

Seeing this Rpmdb checksum is invalid: dCDPT(pkg checksums) in RedHat or CentOS?

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Delete lines in vi

vi or vim (vi improved) has powerful ways to delete line. This post gives some examples.

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Backup and restore Kibana 4 objects

This post explains the backup of Kibana 4.1 objects and how to restore them.

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