A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Pretty print an XML document in Java

If you want to have a pretty printed output of a XML tree, following snippet may be of interest to you.

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Create a XML or HTML document

Using in Java the Document Object Model (DOM). This post contains a snippet to create XML document object.

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List open files of a dedicated process

An open file may be a regular file, a directory, a block special file, a character special file, an executing text reference, a library, a stream or a network file (Internet socket, NFS file or UNIX domain socket.) A specific file or all the files in a file system may be selected by path.

Linux man page

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Using watch to monitor processes

Using Linux you can monitor processes with watch. It executes a program periodically, showing the output in full screen.

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Generate random log events for logstash

Instead of using stdin, logstash also offers the generator input plugin for generating random log events. You can either use a single message or multiple messages in lines.

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Grok debugger

A collection of online grok debuggers. For instance they can be used to find grok patterns in logstash.

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