A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Find process id (pid) of dedicated server instance

This post demonstrates how to retrieve the pid of a dedicated JBoss application server, running parallel on a linux server with other application servers. The combination of ps, grep and awk allows a operator friendly output.

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Perform Health-Check on Database Connections with logstash

This section describes how to perform health checks on database instances. logstash offers the jdbc input plugin.

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Convert multiple fields with mutate plugin for logstash

The mutate plugin allows to convert fields into other data types. The existing example does not illustrate how to convert multiple fields.

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Validate Apache Maven SCM settings

To perform a release of your Maven Artifact, the pom.xml needs a SCM section. To validate or check if the SCM settings are correct, you can use the Maven goal:

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Setup SCR3311 for GnuPG on Linux

I have never documented how I setup above card reader for GnuPG smart cards. This article will fill the gap. I use my new setup elementary (Ubuntu/Debian) desktop as virtualization with VirtualBox.

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IntelliJ Regular Expression editor support

IntelliJ has the capability to use regular expressions to find and replace text source. This powerful feature simplifies your life.

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