A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Configure proxy server for git

Pay attention that your credentials are stored in the config. A better way is to use ssh keys.

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Regular Expressions Builder and Tester

An overview about useful tools for dealing with Regular Expressions.

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Setup max file size for php

The file upload size is set in your PHP configuration, php.ini, with the parameter upload_max_filesize. You may change it, if you run e.g. a private wiki (MediaWiki, DokuWiki) or an CMS like WordPress.

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Add HyperSQL module to JBoss

This post explains how to create a hsqldb module for JBoss EAP.

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Show SQL statements in JBoss

Enable property in persistence.xml

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Testing with Maven

The Maven target test executes all tests under src/test. This article assumes you are familiar with JUnit tests.

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