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SSD caching with bcache for Linux

This article describes SSD caching for the HDD drive on a new Ubuntu Linux installation. The contents might as well apply to Debian Jessie.

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Display ExpressCache information

ExpressCache enables systems with a mSATA SSD device as a cache for the harddisk on Windows.

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Google Charts

Google Charts is a Java Script library that offers you to visualize data as charts. Through GWT (Google Web Toolkit) it is accessible in Java. It is also accessible via Flash. For any data e.g. metrics, org-charts or other statistical stuff.

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Debian Sources List Generator

The Debian Sources List Generator generates a sources.list file for apt (Advanced Packaging Tool). You can selected various options for each respective Debian version. Very useful is your apt is corrupted or was falsely deleted.

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Configure proxy server for git

Pay attention that your credentials are stored in the config. A better way is to use ssh keys.

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Regular Expressions Builder and Tester

An overview about useful tools for dealing with Regular Expressions.

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