A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

SSL server and client test

https://www.ssllabs.com/ provides a excellent detailed report about a SSL certificate. It not only checks the capability but also known vulnerabilities like Heartbleed. Another plus is that it has a simulation suite that tests the SSL handshake for several browsers or devices.

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Test your logstash configuration

The logstash configuration can become quite complex. Some hints how to tryout if the configuration is not working.

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Send JSON from logstash to Elasticsearch

To send data from a RESTful Webservice, there is the input plugin exec. It executes a command for a defined interval.

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logstash / or ?

Working with logstash on a Windows machine is a little tricky. The curl command exists as Windows binary. Invoking curl gives me a JSON message, that I used for logstash input.

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Jolokia - JMX with JSON over HTTP

Jolokia is remote JMX with JSON over HTTP. It provides several agents to expose JMX MBeans. OSGi is one of them :smile:. Using DropWizard Metrics with the JmxReporter, you can easily access the metrics. If you use the Java EE agent (deploy the jolokia.war to your Java EE application server), it enables you to access the metric under the given MBeans objectName, e.g. The context-root can be simplified to jolokia via the web.xml.

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Encrypt.to - Secure Contact Form

Encrypt.to is a good way to provide (initial) contact with an encrypted email. Just enter the email address of the recipient and if the lookup for a (public) gpg key is successful, you are free to send. There are various service levels from free to enterprise. Quite handy if you have no email client with gpg support or gpg itself around. :smile:

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