A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Add Geo Points with Logstash Translate Filter

Storing data in Elasticsearch with city names, offers the capability to display in Kibana the distribution of the data in geographical map. To use that feature, you have to declare a geo_point type in your index mapping. I named the field location. To translate the city names to their respective geo point I use the logstash translate filter. Having a small dictionary, logstash will just take the value for your input city. You could also use zip codes, but this would require a more detailed data source. For the demonstration of the translation plugin it is sufficient.

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Reindex data from remote cluster

At work I still run the Elasticsearch Cluster in version 5.6.4. While I’m eager to upgrade and keep up the pace, I don’t always have the chance to upgrade immediately. A customer of mine needed a small set of data in Excel. Elasticsearch 6 or moreover Kibana 6 offers the CSV export in the X-Pack extensions. To use that functionality, I needed to export a fragment of desired data from my production cluster. Since the Reindex API allows us to read data from remote and write it, I simply ramped up my private cluster in v 6.1.1 with Docker and started the reindexing.

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No keep alive in Nginx

Providing a HTTP health check service with Nginx, is straightforward. If you do ensure that Nginx closes the HTTP connection instead keeping it alive. The basic option therefore is:

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Pretty print duration

Performing a reindex job in Elasticsearch gives you the time the job took.

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Delete all messages of a chat room

Find ObjectId of the chat room

> db.rooms.find({slug:"elk"}).pretty()
        "_id" : ObjectId("59a666cfa9886c002c30b404"),
        "owner" : ObjectId("59a547c2aed276003facf84f"),
        "name" : "Elasticschrott",
        "slug" : "elk",
        "description" : "Everything about the Elasticsearch Universe, including Logstash, Beats",
        "private" : false,
        "lastActive" : ISODate("2017-08-31T08:46:33.690Z"),
        "created" : ISODate("2017-08-30T07:18:39.885Z"),
        "messages" : [ ],
        "participants" : [ ],
        "archived" : true,
        "__v" : 0

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Unarchive letschat chat room

A chat room in letschat was archived. To revive it we can alter the document in the MongoDB instance.

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Search and Replace with VIM

I got this situation in a log file, where the JSON information is after the grep output of the file name.

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Setup AWS Elasticsearch Service

Running Elasticsearch Service on AWS (Amazon Web Services)

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Timestamps in Painless

In short: Converting a UTC timestamp to a local timestamp (in Switzerland).

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