A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Delombok Java Beans

If you are using Lombok you can let lombok generate via the Maven Plugin the source code.

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Update Jekyll blog entry meta-data

If you track your jekyll post with git, preferably if you hosting your github pages, than you can utilize the git attributes to automatically update post meta-data. For instance we replace the modified information in the yaml frontmatter (that is the jekyll metadata) every time you do a update on a jekyll post or page.

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Minify JSON

Another way to minify JSON is to use the npm package.

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Convert JSON 2 CSV in JavaScript

json2csv is java script library which allows conversion of the format csv and json on a linux terminal.

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Temporary Tables

Temporary tables exist in a special schema. If specified in the create table statement, the table is created as a temporary table. Temporary tables are automatically dropped at the end of a session, or optionally at the end of the current transaction. .. Any indexes created on a temporary table are automatically temporary as well.

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Discard old builds in Jenkins

How to remove old builds as scripted pipeline in a Jenkinsfile? Not only I fail to see the sexiness in this new approach, but also I dislike the groovy syntax. In the end add I came up with several solutions to accomplish my goal: Keep only the last 10 builds. There are several ways and solutions. It was a huge try and error approach.

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