A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Kerberos Utilities

Working with Kerberos these days. Some recipes for dealing with Kerberos. There are several open source implementations out there.

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Elasticsearch Hot Warm Architecture

Running a Elasticsearch cluster can be an easy task. If you have the need to store data for a long time, but you know the data is infrequently requested, you may think of a hot-warm architecture. This post is a brief summary of my setup for my company at work. At that time Elasticsearch v5.4.1 was running.

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Reduce Java Script content serving

To improve page speed on websites, one technique is to deliver less java-script files than leave them in their original state. While it is good for maintenance and separation of concerns to isolate or have a component structure, it isn’t in the way presenting or serving the content. This post demonstrate how to minify, or in the same sense uglify, your java script code with the node package uglify-js.

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Customize Kibana Look and Feel for different environments

My company uses Elasticsearch and Kibana for various reasons. One of my responsibilities is to ensure the stability of our elasticsearch test and production cluster. My users and me have problems to distinguish the various environments (test and production). It happen more than once, that I executed an action with Sense/Console in the wrong environment :anguished:. To make a better distinctive appearance, I dug a little in the Kibana source around and found it no so hard, to alter the appearance.

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Move documents to another Index in Elasticsearch

If you run into the situation, that documents were written to a wrong index, you can use the Reindex API to copy the documents to the desired index. You can remove them afterwards with the Delete By Query API.

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Coercion in Elasticsearch

If a field with its datatype in the mapping is defined, e.g. duration as Integer, Elasticsearch has a default behavior of coercion, if the value for the duration field is String. The String will be written, but interpreted as Integer. This can be a little bit misleading if you use only the document perspective.

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