A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Remove Image Meta Data

ExifTool is a free and open-source software program for reading, writing, and manipulating image, audio, video, and PDF metadata.

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Biel/Bienne - Gorges du Taubenloch

A pleasant sightseeing tour starting in the city of Biel (German) or Bienne (French), Switzerland. This tour has multiple finish possibilities.

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Reset SonarQube Admin User Password

Start root access to mysql database

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Remove field from Elasticsearch document

Lets assume you have some unwanted field in a document. In my case this is an error field from a pipeline.

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Update Documents By Query

I got a use case, where I needed to grok some text. Therefore I created this exemplary pipeline.

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Add automatic timestamp to new documents

In the past Elasticsearch could add automatically a timestamp field. Since Elasticsearch 5.x I have to use a pipeline to ingest that timestamp field to the document. As a major change the internal `` value has also changed.

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Setup letschat with docker containers

Having chat rooms for specific topics or projects have become quite popular. IMHO it is a nice addon for development and deployment lifecycle management. HipChat or Slack are some popular providers. If you want to have an internal chat system, letschat is a quick way to accomplish that. It has some flaws, debugging LDAP was a horror, but basically is good enough in its vanilla state. Take as it is and its free (MIT License). We use it currently for receiving notifications from our continuous integration system.

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Convert SSL certificates to different formats

OpenSSL provides the capability to read and output in various formats.

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HTTPS monitoring with Heartbeat

Heartbeat is still beta, but is worth a try. If you have an external REST endpoint and you need a history to check if the endpoint is available, heartbeat is one eligible solution.

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