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A developer friendly IDE for developers by JetBrains.


Useful plugins I use.


.ignore is a plugin for

  • .gitignore (GIT),
  • .hgignore (Mercurial),
  • .npmignore (NPM),
  • .dockerignore (Docker),
  • .chefignore (Chef),
  • .cvsignore (CVS),
  • .bzrignore (Bazaar),
  • .boringignore (Darcs),
  • .mtn-ignore (Monotone),
  • ignore-glob (Fossil),
  • .jshintignore (JSHint),
  • .tfignore (Team Foundation),
  • .p4ignore (Perforce) files in your project.


For IntelliJ support look at this plugin. Under Settings → FileTypes you see the associations for AsciiDoc file. You might add *.adoc to this association list.

Presentation Assist

Presentation Assist is a great plugin to demonstrate IntelliJ key bindings. For pair programming to exchange knowledge it is a must. Check out for yourself.